Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Automatically correct spelling mistakes

Wouldn't it be nice if an application corrects the spelling mistakes you make regardless of whether you're using a word processor, a mail reader, editor or any application? I use AutoHotkey, an application that I wrote about in this blog earlier, in conjunction with a script. After installing AutoHotkey, go and download the autocorrect script for AutoHotkey. Save it in separate scripts directory and double click it so that a green icon with an H appears in the status bar at the bottom right part of your screen.

Once you do that, try typing the following in an text editor or a word processor:

teh july agin alot aparent wasnt tomatos totaly

You'll find that all the above words are automatically corrected regardless of the application you are using.

The script also includes functionality of adding your own Autocorrect entries.
Just select the word that you often type wrongly, press Win key + H and enter your correction. The entry will be appended to the existing list of entries. Have fun and no more typos!

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