Thursday, February 28, 2008

December Recap

I started this blog on December 18 last year, and told you how to use an Indispensable Paste Special Macro to copy and paste text without formatting, to which a reader pointed out a useful application called PureText that pastes unformatted copied text across applications rather than in Word alone; how to extract all text marked with a red font in a Word document and dump it to a separate file in Macro to copy red font text; how to convert single-byte Katakana to double-byte Katakana characters in a Japanese document in Getting rid of pesky single-byte Katakana from Japanese source documents; how to quickly print a list of files to a file using a DOS command in Quickly printing a list of files to a file; how to reduce wear and tear of your wrist by using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse in Very Useful Word Shortcuts; how to extract text from text boxes in a Word document to a separate file using a macro and translate this text in Translating text in text boxes; how to use a freeware application to search through multiple CDs copied to your hard drive in Searching multiple dictionaries simultaneously; how to use insert special characters such as superposed characters and characters with a horizontal bar above them using fields in Inserting special characters in Word; and how to install a browser add-on and search online references such as Honyaku, Goo, and Life Science Dictionary in Quickly searching online references using a browser add-on. I should have posted this message at the end of December, but better late than never! I hope to post a recap at the end of every month so that you get the entire month's posts summarized in a single message and can go to any article you like by clicking on it. Have fun translating!

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