Friday, February 22, 2008

Free online storage and free software

1. Free online storage

I'd like to tell you about a free online storage resource that gives you for free 50 GB (yes you heard right fifty gigabytes of space). This space would be more than adequate for you to store all your data including translation memories, glossaries, macros, and other useful stuff as backup here. Of course, there'll always be people wondering what if somebody at the site looks into your private, confidential data. Well, personally, I won't go storing my bank account data and credit card information - I don't mind keeping all my painstakingly created glossaries and TMs, my carefully selected songs assembled into neat folders after downloading from the Internet, photos and movies that I have taken and saved on my hard disk, zipping all these a password and storing them at this site. 'Nuff said. Here it is; go sign up and get yourself an account before it is full up: Adrive

You can login from anywhere and access this site. I created an an account and received my mail confirmation almost immediately.

2. Free software

I'll tell you about a source that gives away a free commercial software just for a day (24 hours). You download it and register it on that day and its yours to keep on your PC. Of course, you'll have to fork out some money for any upgrades to the software. Hey! You don't get a free ride all your life :) Most software are written by small companies that are trying to make their name – some of them are very good. So try your luck. Visit the site everyday – around 6 pm JST, there's always a new software that you can download, register and keep it for yourself if you like it. The site is called giveaway of the day. Enjoy!

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