Friday, February 29, 2008

January 2008 Recap

In January, I talked about various add-ons that you could install in Firefox to facilitate your work, such as Rikaichan, Needlesearch, IETab, Cooliris Previews and Split Browser in Some cool add-ons for Firefox - 1 ; next, I related to you the advantages of using a free command line utility called SlickRunSmall powerful command line utility; I then told you how you could use Google efficiently to search for glossaries related to specific phrases, search for definitions in Japanese, search for a phrase at a particular site, search for specific file types, search for glossaries in pdf format, and perform various conversion operations with Google such as currency and unit conversions, using it as a calculator and so in Google Tips; described small macros I had recorded to change character case and table operations in MS Word in Some small macros to ease repetitive tasks; introduced you to AutoHotkey, a free scripting utility, and how to write simple scripts with it in Creating simple scripts to automate tasks; and finally ended the month with an Autohotkey script that acts as your own customized autocorrection utility and corrects the spelling mistakes that you often make in Automatically correct spelling mistakes. I hope the above were as useful to you as they were to me. I have also put up an RSS link that you can click and immediately subscribe to so that even if you forget to visit this blog, you get the feed on your browser. Cheers!

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