Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Converting any file to a PDF file or image file without hassles

For quickly sending invoices by printing them to PDF format, converting files of exotic formats including Powerpoint files that can be printed, I found it best to use a PDF printer driver. This is an application that works as a printer. You install it and it comes up in the list of printers when you print a document. You print to it, and instead of printing to a printer it creates a PDF file. Who wants to waste time using Acrobat for this? I tried all kinds of utilities – mostly freeware – that purport to do this; some allow you to print but watermarks appear on each page, some call home, and some need you to install Ghostscript. I finally found a freeware utility that does this without any hassle. In my opinion, PDFCreator wins – HANDS DOWN! It is Open Source, stable, works on all 32-bit Windows OS, and does its job efficiently. Additionally, it has these features: encrypt PDFs and protect them from being opened or printed; send generated files via e-mail; create more than just PDFs: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PS, and EPS; autosave files to folders and filenames based on tags like username, computer name, date, and time; and merge multiple files into one PDF. And all this comes with a great price tag – Free! I recommend you get it now and install it.


Ryan Ginstrom said...

I also use PDFCreator. It's a great program.

Gururaj Rao said...

Yes, it seems to work flawlessly.
Do feel free to comment on various posts, Ryan. Your insight as a programmer would be valuable to the readers here.