Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to securely back up your valuable data

Have you ever had a situation when all your painstakingly-compiled glossaries, references, translation memories, macros and other valuable data disappeared because of a hard-disk crash? I hope you never have and never will face such a situation. It pays, however, to take minimal precautions to back up your data.

I use some low level tools to back up my data. Here's what I do. Create one directory in which all your valuable data goes into – this could include glossaries, translation memories, macros, snippets of valuable how-to's in text format, passwords, bookmarks, registry backups and whatever data you feel is important. Let's call it IMP. Now store all categorized folders in this directory like so:

IMP - Main directory

Folders under IMP

--> Glossaries

--> Translation memories

--> Macros

--> Passwords

--> Bookmarks

--> HowTos

and so on.

Now download either of these two synchronizing freeware utilities SyncBack Free or RealSync. The first also has a professional version, but I found the free version to be more than adequate to back up my data. The second is entirely in Japanese, but very fast and easy to use. Install either of these on your PC, set your source directory to synchronize as IMP (including all folders and files), create a directory with the same name in the destination (I use a 100 GB USB hard drive and the hard drive of a PC on my peer to peer network as my backup destinations). Everyday, before you shut down the PC just click the Sync button and your data will be synchronized and backed up safe and secure, and you can have a good night's sleep!

Here is a sample screen from each of the two applications.

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