Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lightning search of an online database

I use the Glova bilingual database frequently during my translation work. Although it does give redundant matches sometimes, the contextual database gives a good idea of how a term is used in Japanese. I have registered it using OpenSearchFox (pointed out in an earlier post) in the small window on the right side of the browser. See image below.

I decided to write an Autohotkey script that would search this site when I select a specific phrase in a Word document. Although I don't write difficult scripts, this was fairly easy and it worked! I can now select a Japanese phrase or term, hit Win key + G (for Glova) to open Firefox and bring up the English equivalents in a flash. Note that the script may not be optimized; but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it works. Here's what you do if you wish to use it yourself. Note that this is for Windows only (sorry Mac and Linux users; I regret I didn't learn to use these OS too) and you need Autohotkey on your system.

1. Install OpenSearchFox, the Firefox add-on.

2. Go to the Glova site, select both databases (General/Business and Medical/IT/Science) by Ctrl + left mouse click.

3. Check JE if you wish to search for Japanese phrase or EJ if you wish to search for English phrase.

4. Place your cursor in the Search window, right click and register Glova with OpenSearchFox so that it appears in the browser on the right hand side.

5. Now copy the script below to a plain text editor and save it as say, Sglova.ahk


Send, ^c ;Copy to clipboard

Run, www.google.com ;Launch Browser

WinWait, Google - Mozilla Firefox

IfWinNotActive, Google - Mozilla Firefox, , WinActivate, Google - Mozilla Firefox,

WinWaitActive, Google - Mozilla Firefox,

Send, ^l ; Focus on main window

Send, ^k ;Focus on search window

Send, ^v ; Paste from clipboard

Send, {Enter} ; Hit Return key


6. Double click on this script so that it appears with an H icon at the bottom right part of your screen.

7. You are all set. Select a Japanese/English phrase and hit the Win key + G. Your browser should open and the hits displayed on the screen. Happy scripting!

Until the next post, here's a thought: If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.

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this with define allopathy doesn`t work on my win machine.

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