Monday, March 31, 2008

March 2008 Recap

I described How to set up an RSS feed as a live bookmark in your browser in 5 seconds in the first post in March; and then told you How to securely back up your valuable data using freeware utilities SyncBack Free or RealSync. I wrote about an exciting application called 1-click Answers that gives you immediate answers when you click on a word in your browser with your mouse and the Alt key. Next, I described the method of Converting any file to a PDF file or image file without hassles using the free utility PDFCreator; I gave you a summary of all the posts in February in February 2008 Recap, and then how to Quickly search glossaries and translation memories during translation using again a free tool called Apsic Xbench. I told you how to perform a Lightning search of an online database using Firefox and an Autohotkey script, and how you would go about Searching dictionaries quickly while you translate again using a hacked Autohotkey script to look for terms in online references, how to go about Customizing Word before you start the translation work by removing all unnecessary icons to get more workspace, registering often-used macros, and using Word's autocorrect feature efficiently, and ended with Two free utilities to enhance your productivity, namely Windows Search 4.0 Preview and the Free Update Checker. Watch out for a different look to this blog and more fresh, updated tips, tricks and tools next month!

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