Monday, April 28, 2008

First poll on Translator's Tools

I know there are at least some avid readers of Translator's Tools - some of you I met at the recently concluded IJET at Okinawa did sound me out on this. Thank you for your show of appreciation; this has spurred me to write more about translation tools in my spare time. My thanks also go to other faithful readers – I think there are 40 to 50 of you out there who have subscribed to Translator's Tools through some reader. Since this blog will cease to exist without you, my dear readers, I have decided to ask you what you'd like and tailor my posts henceforth to satisfy the majority of readers.

On the sidebar to the left you'll see a question and list of five answers. Choose an option that best reflects your needs and click Vote. The poll will run until the 15th of next month. The subsequent articles will be based on the results.

I'd like to say thanks again, and I look forward to your active participation, especially with comments on any post you feel like. If you do your own website, do link to this blog.

Have a nice weekend!


Durf said...

As a Mac-using translator I pay very little attention to your Windows-specific posts, but you're still worth keeping in the subscriptions list. Nice to see translators writing about translation out here on the internets!

Gururaj Rao said...

Durf, you have made your point. Subsequent posts will have something for MAC users also. Or, you are welcome to send me relevant articles written by you and other MAC users. I'll be happy to publish them here under your names. I'm glad you wrote.