Saturday, April 19, 2008

Microsoft resources for translators

1) Glossary search

Microsoft has some useful resources for translators. Let me point you to a new one that has just appeared – a searchable database of Microsoft terminology in various languages from English. You enter the English term in the upper box and select the language in which you want the equivalent term.

For English to Japanese, here is a trick enables you to copy a term in English and search directly.

1) Copy the URL below and paste into a text editor or MS Word.

2) Substitute XXX by the English term.

3) Copy the entire string and paste it into the address box of your browser and hit Enter.

You should get a list of Japanese equivalents. Here's a part of the results for "localization."

2) Style guides

Microsoft has also made style guides available for download in various languages – but unfortunately the one in English is only available in the print edition.

Download the Japanese and other versions here.

The style guide contains a wealth of information for translators working in the IT field. These style guides are updated versions (March 2008).

3) MVP web sites

There are folks who are now, or have been in the past, designated as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals recognized as such by MS for their willingness to share their expertise. The MVP web sites have valuable information on all aspects of MS applications; the ones I read often are the Word MVP web sites. Explore – there is a wealth of resources here.

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