Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yet more Google Tips

I gave you some Google tips in More Google Tips at the beginning of this month, and some in the first installment of Google Tips in January. I have some more for your this time – I'll be running out of words to add at the beginning – maybe "Yet Some More Google Tips" next time? These are some tips that I have tried out and have found useful; those that would help translators come first, of course.

1. Adding a tilde to get related terms and lists of terms

To your search word prefix a tilde (~) and glossary to get glossaries, dictionaries and list of terms.

Example: ~welding +glossary

2. Range of numbers

You can use this 2007..2008 to your search terms to find hits during the years 2007 to 2008.

For instance, you can search for all the posts that you sent to the Honyaku mailing list in these years by using the following keywords in Google:

+Yourname +site: +2007..2008

3. Weather in any city

Find the weather at any location (in Japan too).

Ex: weather Tokyo OR weather Antwerp

For the US, you get the weather information by typing the zip code too.

Ex: weather 94306

Gives the weather in Palo Alto California

4. Find many useful e-books

You can read up information on a specific topic by finding downloadable e-books related to the subject.

+fundamentals +welding +filetype:pdf


+introduction +C programming +ebook

5. "better than XXX" or "YYY sucks" search!

If you wish to know about products that are better than XXX, or alternatives to product YYY, trying using this search.

For example: Enter "better than Trados" and it should give you details of various CAT Tools!

Have a great day!

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