Monday, June 16, 2008

Utility to annotate images

I sometimes get text embedded in images that I have to translate. I tried various utilities to replace the captions in such images by translated text in English, including the excellent freeware, Irfan View.

I finally stumbled upon FastStone Capture for Windows and plan to stick to it, unless you come up with something better than this one!

Although a neat image capturing utility, I found its editing functions to be excellent. Images speak more than a thousand words - so I give you two images. One, the original image with Japanese text and the other replaced with various kinds of English text (with colored box, background and so on).

Original Image

Image with captions inserted

For instance, see the location where I have inserted Voltage. The software allows you to cover up the Japanese and type in the translation in a colored (red) box.

Next, see the caption "Current." You can replace the border by a different color have a shaded border (the caption for the image below "Current"), use a transparent box so that the Japanese text can be seen through along with the translated text.

The image capturing ability of the software is also excellent. You can even capture a scrolling window. Nothing to beat the price too.

Do you know of a freeware better than this utility? I'll be happy to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I just finished a rather large project that involved re-labeling lots of images.

I used Paint.NET to do the job, which was adequate but left a lot to be desired. From my experience, my desiderata for a translator's image labeler are:

* Ability to go back and edit text after adding it
* Integrated spell checking
* Integrated OCR
* Integrated translation memory

Sadly, I have no idea if such an application exists, and if it did I suspect it would cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars...

Gururaj Rao said...

I would be happy even with the first two: editing text and spell checking. There must be something out there.

Anonymous said...

Screenshot Captor is free and lets you do what you did with FastStone Capture:

Gururaj Rao said...

Thanks, Jo, this is an excellent find. It seems to have everything one would want in an image capture program. I think this could be the subject of a separate post in this blog.

Anonymous said...

sure, feel free ;-)