Monday, July 21, 2008

Two utilities to make your life easier

I give you two freeware utilities this week - both small, unobtrusive and useful.

Rainbow Folders helps you to identify and classify folders on your desktop, directory, or other work spaces by using distinct colors. You can hue and saturation values to make distinct shades and color folders easily.

Here's how I have colored some of my folders to distinguish them as PDF documents in English and Japanese.

Explorer part view

The above screenshot is a part of the Explorer window.

The program is for Windows only; OS: Win 98/ME/2K/NT/XP, and weighs in at 783 kB.

The second one is also a freeware utility called AutoUnbreak that  removes line breaks from text copied from PDF files. You copy the text from the PDF file and paste it into AutoUnbreak, then process it and copy the results to Word or any other editor. Here are screenshots of the program and results of a small test I did on an English PDF file.

AutoUnbreak utility

The procedure is as shown in the screen shot above. Paste text into the window, click Unbreak and copy the results to clipboard.

I copied part of a PDF file to a text editor first (you can see the line breaks) in the screenshot below, and then pasted it to AutoUnbreak.

Text copied from PDF file

After processing with AutoUnbreak and copying the results to the same text editor, this is what I got:


Processed text

AutoUnbreak did remove line breaks in all but one location. Maybe not perfect, but useful nonetheless if you have a huge PDF document to be translated in Word.

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showcasing these tools. The colored folder tool looks especially interesting.