Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two useful online services for the translator

I came across a very useful online service the other day called Tip of my Tongue that helps you to recollect words that you vaguely remember but just can't blurt out. I tried it out immediately on a word that I never seem to get right the first time - a word that means "pulverization" starting with "com" and ending with "tion." I entered the relevant information and here is the result:

Tip of My Tongue 

Yes, I am always unsure of whether the 'u' or the 'i' comes first in "comminution." This site will be on the top of my list of bookmarks.

The other one reads out your text and the computer-generated voices are not too bad. The site at Read the Words even produces an mp3 recording of the text you paste in its window and sends it to you by e-mail. You can try out a demo by pasting text less than 100 characters in a window, selecting a voice and listening to it. If you like it, you could register and then paste larger chunks of text and have it read it out to you while you translate. You can register for a free account, and upload Word, PDF or HTML files and have the text read out to you (don't upload confidential documents!)

Read the Words

Try the 100-character demo first selecting different voices and see if you like what you hear before you register for a free account.

Have a great weekend!


Judy Jenner and Dagmar Jenner said...

Great post about Tip of my Tongue -- very useful tool. I am bookmarking it right away. Just discovered your excellent blog off Masked Translator's blog. We'll add you to our own blogroll, as these are excellent tips that all our fellow translators and readers can benefit from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Much as I'd like to blog more, I'm deluged with work these days. Thanks also for adding me to your blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - just discovered your blog via Judy's, funnily enough, and I have one small request: can you have one about tips for Mac users? :-) No? Ah well. I can't wait to try Tip of my tongue and I'm sure I'll learn lots from you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Celine,
I'll do my best. Some others have also made similar complaints, and am guilty as charged :) I'll try to post something for Macintosh users, too, that's a promise. So check out this blog from time to time.