Monday, May 4, 2009

Quickly launch dictionary sites with Firefox add-on

This is a very useful add-on for translators using Firefox. Called Site Launcher, it takes you directly to the search engine or dictionary of your choice through a hot-key combination, or you are presented with a list of single letters with corresponding icons and site names that you can refer to and then hits the relevant  letter to go to the site. The image below should make this clear to you.

Site Launcher Options

This is the settings menu of the Site Launcher. See the window on the right. You could set the Honyaku archive search site under “h” instead of Gmail shown here, or the Eijiro search site as “e” instead of eBay. I’m quite sure that there wouldn’t be more than 10-15 sites that you frequently visit. Once you set these engines or dictionaries, you can directly go to the site with a single hot key combination – for instance, in my case, Ctrl+Shift+ h pulls up the Honyaku archive search site, and  Ctrl+Shift+ w brings up the Wikipedia search (see image below).


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